Make your old head perform like a
new one with our Grain Grabber!

Run longer at night by reducing slugging!

New and Improved

Save Money   .   Stop Struggling   .   Less Grain Shatter

Made in America with top quality plastics.

Fits most grain head brands.

New & Improved

For pennies on the dollar, you can make your auger into a full-finger auger. With one Grain Grabber between each flighting, you can run your reel higher and out of the crop which means less chattering. Your grain will feed more evenly with our Grain Grabber, reducing slugging and allow you to run longer at night.

Each Grain Grabber comes with it’s own hardware. Grabbers are sold individually or as a kit. The kit includes Grain Grabbers, self tapping bolts and drill bit. Grain Grabbers are placed in the middle of auger between the flighting. This will feed the grain evenly.

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